We welcome children and parents from all backgrounds and draw players from a highly diverse catchment. At Dulwich Village F.C. our goal is to provide the best coaching and facilities for all our players from juniors through to seniors

Dulwich Village F.C. provide high quality coaching and competitive football for boys and girls from age 6 to seniors. We pride ourselves on our professional atmosphere and team management but also our close relationship to the local and wider community. The club currently has 38 youth teams which take part in the SELKent League and a 2 senior sides in Kent County Football and Bromley and District Leagues.   We also offer competitive football for junior and senior girls.  We also offer subsidised membership in the form of bursaries to existing and new players who may have financial hardship and therefore increasing opportunities to take part in competitive football.  For more information contact us by email on: info@dulwichvillagefc.co.uk

Our vision & values: 'We develop together'.

With this we aim to create opportunities for boys and girls aged 6 and above to play football in a safe and enjoyable environment and part of an organised, ambitious team. Above all at Dulwich Village F.C. we aim to stimulate a positive reaction in our players whilst building strong links within the local community through the youth programme and volunteer schemes, and investing in adding to a strong team of talented coaches.

Our teams

The club currently has 38 youth teams which take part in the SELKent League and 2 senior sides in the Kent County Football and Bromley and district Leagues. We also offer competitive football for junior and senior girls. More information contact us by email on: info@dulwichvillagefc.co.uk For further information about the leagues: SELkent:www.selkent.org.uk/ Kent County League: www.kentcountyfootballleague.co.uk/ and Bromley and district league: http://full-time.thefa.com/Index.do?league=3117271

Our approach to coaching

Our DVFC coaching framework developed by Club Secretary, Daniel Mascoll, alongside the coaching team sets out specific capabilities that coaches and other staff are expected to enhance and develop within our young people during their time at Dulwich Village F.C. these include:


✔ Social Skills: Understanding and communicating well with others

✔ Communication: I can listen and am able to tell others what I am thinking in a way that is appropriate and that they can understand

✔ Teamwork: I value my teammates and I work well in a team

✔ Leadership:I set a great example and am able to understand and motivate others

✔ Thinking Skills: Being able to find solutions to problems, learn from experience and plan for success

✔ Problem Solving & Creativity: I can understand problems and find solutions to those problems

✔ Self-Reflection: I understand how to learn from my own experiences and how I can be better next time

✔ Planning: I can set goals for the future and understand what I need to do to achieve them

✔ Emotions: Having the personal tools to succeed

✔ Confidence: Having the confidence and motivation to do well

✔ Determination: Keeping going even when things don’t always go my way, pushing myself to succeed

✔ Self-Discipline: I can control my emotions and am able to organise myself to make the most of my time

✔ Physical Ability: Have the sporting skill and physical fitness required to succeed in the sport

✔ Agility, Balance and Co-ordination: Constantly developing the skills that underlie success in any sport or physical activity

✔ Fitness: Constantly developing physical fitness, making sure I have the stamina to compete in sport

✔ Sporting Skill: Constantly developing the skills I need to succeed in the sport and knowing when to use those skills


Football Magic Coaching

We have very close links with Football Magic Coaching which runs coaching schools to allow boys and girls as young as three years old to gain all the basic ball skills to progress to a level where they can integrate in the club sides at under 7. Finally we make a point of using the best UEFA and FA qualified coaches for all our teams regardless of the standard and also train at some of the best facilities in the area.more information visit: www.footballmagiccoaching.co.uk

Contact us for more information: info@dulwichvillagefc.co.uk

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